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200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

June 25 - July 19, 2018

Dubai, UAE














You're invited to to gain a new insight into your practice and your life. Join me this summer and study with an inspiring community committed to the heart of yoga, to your personal growth, and to your teaching excellence.  







Inquiring Students            

Take your yoga practice to a deeper level, access new asana and learn to live your yoga.

Yoga Teachers

Continue your professional development, enhance your communication skills, practice the art of observing, and use the richness of your skills to enhance and inspire both yourself and your students into a deeper experience of yoga.

Teacher Trainees

Gain the tools, experience and confidence to teach an all levels hatha vinyasa class.


When:      June 25-July 19, 2018

Where:     Yoga La Vie, Dubai

Rate:        13,500 AED + VAT   (after April 7, 2018)


This curriculum meets the Yoga Alliance and is conducted by a qualified instructor (E-RYT 200, RYT 500). Students who complete this 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training program will:

  • Deepen their practice and understanding of yoga

  • Gain the tools, hands-on experience and confidence needed to teach a dynamic hatha vinyasa class

  • Study, tailor and improve your own yoga practice through daily practice

  • Gain a greater understanding of the asanas along with their  benefits and effects

  • Learn how to structure and create a cohesive, well-rounded yoga class - the process of aligning poses in a way that you can go into progressively deeper poses smoothly

  • Gain insight into your own habitual behaviors and learn the tools and skills needed to transform - both on and off the mat

  • Strengthen your authentic voice

  • Learn to work with injuries and prenatal students

  • Have a basic understanding of yoga philosophy

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Teach clearly and specifically

  • Embrace the confidence and teaching tools to teach yoga

  • Develop personal and professional ethics and boundaries in teaching

  • Experiential Learning - You will have an opportunity throughout the course and at the end of the training to teach and be provided with feedback regarding your teaching


If you're interested to see what teacher training is like, here's a glimpse.

The foundation of this course is the practice and study of yoga asana. The aim of this training is to cultivate the qualities of skill, passion, and intelligence to dive deeper into their own practice and to teach authentically. Students who complete the course will experience a new depth of their practice and feel confident in their ability to teach safely and effectively with insight into all that yoga embraces.



















Whether your aim is to ignite your passion for the practice as a teacher, future teacher and lover of yoga, this course provides a very strong, practical foundation of yoga. This training is invaluable for those wishing to teach or for students seeking to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga. Like any quality learning experience, trainees will have information to draw upon long after the program is over. This course is one of the best investments students could make in their selves physically, mentally and spiritually. Students inspire their inner purpose and power  and will leave with a stronger asana practice and deeper understanding that yoga is a way of life.

Fall in love with your practice and inspire others to do the same.