testimonials + love letters

Inquire and Inspire stands out from other programs for the first and most important reason that Erica Blitz was true to her word! I was given the opportunity to deepen my own yoga practice while confidently equipping myself with the knowledge and tools to be able to teach yoga to others. The balance between yoga as a science, a philosophy and an art was intricately woven into the teaching. Moreover, although an ancient practice, the relevance and need for yoga in the world we live in today was very compelling and thought provoking as was witnessed in our daily meditations, discussions and practice. Furthermore, as a mother of four, musician and music educator, the teachings, tools and techniques that I learnt from Erica were far beyond what I expected and without a doubt could be used in every aspect of my life…for this I am eternally grateful.  

In the words of Erica, ‘Above and beyond all the text book teachings, the students receive my heart. I offer EVERYTHING in these trainings. It’s my job to see the beauty in each and every students and to bring even more of it out’…and yes indeed, she was true to her word!

Grateful, humbled and blessed…

~Nerissa Lobo


Erica is an incredible teacher whose compassion, grace, humility and clear heartfelt connection to the study, teaching (and living) of the true essence of Yoga was clear to see and feel in every moment of our training. I was deeply humbled, blessed and grateful to have been able to study under someone whose dedication to their calling was so clear and compelling, who was able to create such a safe space where lifelong friendships no doubt were created, and whose expert instruction, attention to anatomy and precise cueing and the nuances of yogic philosophy (while also encouraging playfulness and ease on the mat), created such a well-rounded, fulfilling and nourishing experience for us, lifelong students and budding teachers; and one I will always cherish. The focus on Hatha yoga as well as the Vinyasa style was a solid base that created a very full, expansive viewpoint to study and teach from.
Just a few short months after taking the YTT training in Dubai with Erica Blitz in July-August 2015, I am teaching yoga several times a week, and after almost a decade and a half of dreaming of being here - it feels beyond amazing to finally be able to do what I love and help others discover their connection with their bodies, breath, and deepest selves on the mat.. and I hope, beyond. The experience of connecting with others in this way, is one that is beyond my wildest dreams. 
So simple, yet endlessly fulfilling.

I am endlessly grateful for the experience, deeply humbled by the personal growth the daily study sessions offered me, and the friendly faces and loving hearts I can still feel around me almost a year on.

I highly recommend Inquire + Inspire 200HR to anyone who wants to experience a world-class, authentic, deep and thorough yet accessible yoga teacher training course in Dubai .. I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

I deeply thank Erica for sharing her teaching, presence, and love for life and yoga with us everyday of our time together. I know that every single one of us left that training illuminated from within, profoundly touched, and completely equipped to confidently teach from our hearts and also feel confident creating a heart-based business centered around service and wellness. I also know that every one of us left with a profound love and respect for our teacher that will always stay present in our hearts.

There's something special about Inquire + Inspire.. and you have to experience it for yourself to truly understand. So, I suggest - Inquire, and get Inspired.. and see where this beautiful adventure takes you! Thank you Erica for helping me fly my wings and create a life of freedom and yoga. Forever humbled, forever grateful!

~Heba Othman


When I reflect upon my yoga teacher training, my mind’s eye takes me to ‘The Pilgrimage’, which is about the travels of an author, Paulo Coelho, on the Road to Santiago de Compostela…

It is a journey that is spiritual, and intensely reflective, for all of those who choose to walk the path. It is a path you can walk alone or with a guide; as you follow the steps of those before you, led only by the affirmation of seashells and a strong heart. For me, the first day of training was a blur of excitement with a stranger before me, who appeared to be traveling light, as she announced herself as my guide. As Mr. Coelho states in his book, “In my haste, I had forgotten the most elementary rules of self-protection and had thrown myself body and soul into the arms of the first stranger I had met.”  Thankfully, my guide Erica, was beautiful and simple, in that she encompassed everything that was necessary and nothing that was not. She embraced a true yoga philosophy of inclusion and growth– on and off your mat. She held space and tended the soil of our ‘magical garden’, allowing us to bloom and grow, bouncing light and nutrients off of one another under her watchful eye. She is a master craftsman of humility; a practitioner of what she preaches and a constant student.

This pilgrimage, or crusade, came at a time when I desperately needed a catalyst to serve and inspire me to move forward and leap into the next chapter of my life. A soul sword of sorts, to empower me and gift me with the intuition and tools to carry that forward to others’. It is overwhelming to consider the distance traveled on a ‘trek’, whether it be through grassy mountainous regions or the daily intensive course of yoga teacher training…

“This immensity made me very anxious; it created a terrible fear that I would not be able to succeed – that I was too small for this task.”

Erica repeated her mantra of ‘trusting the process’… and as a class, we bestowed the honour of trust and faith in her willfully. Carrying little more than our well thought out provisions and her internal beacon to guide us; we walked through darkness into the light, together.

“It is the road that teaches us the best way to get there, and the road enriches us as we walk its length.”

Erica taught to all of us by adapting the material for different learning styles. We learned in every manner possible: repetition, hands on, memory exercises, applied knowledge exercises and engaging discussions. Class was never boring or confusing. We were meshed and woven together as one; an added benefit of Erica’s creative bonding activities. For the first time, I have a home practice thanks to her wisdom and guidance. She helped me make the dream of being a better, more competent yogi a reality. My intention to do something for me and not because of me was the purest manifestation that Erica’s 200 hour Inquire and Inspire Teacher Training made palpable.

We were told to trust the process. Erica builds the perfect nest. She makes you gather twigs together and share your own aprehensions about flight. She soars with you, glides below you as you find your winds and then sets you free. My yoga horizons are limitless because I had the best teacher. She taught me even more than I thought I knew about humility, love, and gratitude. She gave me wings that will always keep me skyward. I would return to her nest in a heartbeat!

I am more than a yoga teacher. I am a Blitzer.

~Brittany Elizabeth Beltram

“It was my first teacher training and I’m so glad I had the wonderful experience with Erica. I found her energy, passion, extensive knowledge and comprehensive way of teaching so inspiring and would say that she is definitely one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Learning has never been so much fun and interesting at the same time and even though I had no intention of ever teaching before I enrolled in this training, I have now already taught 2 sets of small groups privately who have committed  to meet on a regular base!”  ~Kirsten, Dubai 2013

I am a mother of 3 who found yoga as a time to herself, get fit, sweat and get yoga space. After 4 years of practicing Bikram, I moved into Moksha and then realized that I wanted to teach and share my fitness passion to parents, friends, family, people, etc. Yoga is not only Hot Yoga, yoga is. You have to practice, learn, try new yoga lineages and get out of your comfort zone to improve as a practioner but also as a person in evolution. So, I took a Yoga Teacher Training with amazing Erica. I was open minded and from day 1, I realized that there was more than hot yoga to a yoga practice to achieve a good workout and be satisfied. I also realize that to a workout, you also need to restore your muscles.

Since I took the Teacher Training with Erica, I had the opportunity to travel often and try new types of Yoga. Erica enhanced my desire of knowledge and improvement to a higher level. She was a key enabler of my perseverance and dedication. Her patience, love and patience resulted in a life changing experience for me. Erica is an inspiration for which I will always be thankful. Erica is. Erica is a description of yoga! Thank you Erica!  ~MJ Gauthier Winnipeg, Canada

Do one thing every day that scares you. Like most everything in life, this is easier said than done. I had been interested in teaching yoga for years before signing up for a 200 hour teacher training with Erica. There were many reasons why I kept putting off doing what I yearned to do. There was the logistical stuff like, school, cost and jobs. Then there was the even scarier mental stuff, such as fear of if I was good enough, doubt of if this was the right thing for me to do and uncertainty. Well I am certainly glad that I took the leap in 2012 to further my understanding of the practice of yoga and extremely glad that the person who greeted me at the yoga studio where it was held, was Erica Blitz. Erica immediately eased all my fears and doubts around taking the training and made me so excited to share my knowledge with others! By the end of day 1 I felt comfortable and super excited for day 2! Every day we would learn some anatomy and following that Erica would lead us through a practice that gave us the opportunity to feel and understand what we had just learnt, in our own bodies. This developed in me a much greater awareness of what and why I was putting my body into these postures. Discussions revolving around yoga philosophy gave me a different perspective on AND OFF my mat! I grew from this experience. Even if your interest does not lie in teaching I recommend taking a teacher training to deepen your understanding of the intricacies of your own body and the amazing philosophy and history of yoga. It’s amazing how I was so emotionally and physically exhausted throughout the entire training and yet I felt the most awake and alive I had felt in years. Erica shared just as much of herself as we, the participants, shared with her. Erica is a beautiful soul and she brings out the light in those around her. ~Amanda Pilloud, Canada


“You are my first yoga TTC teacher and have influenced my practice, giving me the confidence to move forward. I have a great respect and love for you as a teacher and a beautiful person.

Daily classes, workshops and discussions created a moving and soothing balance of physical and meditative learning that have influenced & changed my yoga practice and my everyday life in unexpectedly meaningful ways. The teacher training has helped me gain valuable knowledge into the art of yoga the anatomy learning with yoga philosophy was awesome !!!! This course will help anyone who is interested in teaching yoga and deepening their practice. I have noticed dramatic difference in my practice.

The “language” of Yoga I have learnt with Erica, is something that I feel very blessed to have attained. She has a way for giving constructive feedback.  I have heard her say some of the kindest comments to and about her students:  whether it’s their character, their skill, their demeanour, she always finds a positive way to express herself I remember someone in the class once said “I can’t do it” and she earnestly responded “I think you can,” and I could tell, she really believed it! After that moment the student found her way and taught beautifully!  Thank you Erica May the Universe and you always be Aligned!  ~Zarmina Durrani


I have great admiration of Erica! Excellent teacher and inspiring yoga instructor. She has a great way of explaining each aspect and eventually integrating them. And of course, Noura’s support throughout the course was great and appreciated! – Kristin Dimitrova


With every new path of learning comes the feared “learning curve.” That moment when you realise you may have bitten off more that you can chew. The new information makes no sense and you’re at your wits end with worry. Take a deep breath here for my next statement will amaze you… This was not the case with the exceptional Erica Blitz.

On our first day she reassured us, “first layer of paint” she said, “trust in the process.” Erica went on to explain that her course was divided into different layers like painting the walls of your home. Base coat, two or three coats of colour then a top coat to finish the whole process off. I sat there, dubious and a little unsure of “the process” however my mind was soon put to rest. They layers of learning were carefully applied with just the right depth and dexterity of any master painter and decorator. The first week flew by and I was amazed to be feeling full of confidence and more than ready for the next layer.

Erica’s abundance of energy and kindness made for an enjoyable 200 hours. Again, with our daily VInyasa Yoga practice she built this up gradually. I was expecting to struggle through hard paced vinyasa but to my surprise found that although the sequences were challenging they were not unmanageable. By the last week of the training my body had transformed, my core strength and flexibility had improved so much so that asanas I thought near impossible were accomplished. I left the programme feeling confidant and inspired with a new outlook on life thanks to Patanjali, Erica and my fellow classmates. ~Sarah Hackett.


I enrolled to the yoga teacher training by Erica Blitz when I just moved to Dubai and was trying to put my footprint in the local yoga community. Particularly, I was interested to understand how yoga should be taught in a multi-cultural environment in a safe and ethical way. What is that in the Western mind and psychology that I, having Eastern – European background, don’t understand and should pay attention to when teaching yoga in the Middle East?

During the training, I found those answers I was looking for. Erica was very helpful in explaining all these tiny details and sophisticated moments via sharing her rich yoga teaching and life experience. Even more so, thanks to this training, which is taught in a very clear and practical way, I learned a lot about anatomical basics for safe and pain-free practice. In this sense, our posture labs and teaching sessions were very helpful as I could immediately apply my knowledge into practice. Thanks to this I significantly improved my personal yoga practice and teaching techniques, as well as learned how to use language correctly when teaching in English. To sum up, enrolling to Erica Blitz YTT be ready meet a very inspiring, experienced and helpful teacher, bunch of new yoga-minded friends, and most importantly – to discover your inner teacher and enjoy each moment of this unforgettable journey!  ~Diana G., 27 years old, yogi and lawyer from Ukraine


Joining a yoga teachers courses class was challenging. Why would that be?

After a long break from practicing yoga daily, I started again with this course. I  must say that was the best decision I made. Erica’s approach is so refreshing and uplifting. She fills the room and meets each of us in a friendly way,her passion and knowledge makes her an incredible teacher,full of wisdom and inspiration. She cares deeply for her students. A truly wonderful experience, it’s  surpassed all my expectations! It’s a journey I will cherish. The people I met was an added bonus due to the many long-lasting friendships formed. Thank you Erica for your gift, I will not forget the special time we all shared. ~Salome


I had a lot going on inside me before I started this course, I was in a place of finding myself again. I had lost my husband 2 years ago and finding my passion and my identity has been an immense challenge. I wanted to do something to feel connected to the world again as I had drifted away and gone into a place of hiding and solitude accepting life as it was and not challenging myself to push forward and dream big. I love Yoga, it has been my ‘goto’  place over the past couple of years to unwind from all the stress, emotion and also to gain physical and mental strength. I signed up for the course, wanting to do it but quite skeptical about what the result would be. I made up my mind to do it for myself and so started this amazing journey with Erica Blitz, a woman who changed my life, a woman with so much passion and talent. She is truly one of the most inspirational people and teachers I have ever met in my life. She is incredible and made every aspect of the course so exciting and amazing. Her passion for the class made it so memorable and deep. I used to practice yoga without knowing many details about the importance of alignment and anatomy, Erica’s amazing energy , enthusiasm,experience and vast knowledge has given me the opportunity to develop and progress in my practice. I have definitely benefitted tremendously from this 200 hr program and it has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made cause I can proudly say it has changed my life forever and I would love for others to experience this enlightening course whether it is to teach Yoga in the future or to just get a detail knowledge about the practice and body alignment. I can never thank Erica enough for her warmth and motivation in helping us achieve our goals. She is truly an amazing person.  ~Sandy Prakash


When I signed up for this course I was doing yoga for 1 year and 4 months and gotten so in love with it I wanted to know more about it. My intention for following this course was to go deeper in my practice and hopefully grow spiritually too. I’m happy to say I succeeded in both, and so much more! Erica is truly an amazing yoga teacher AND an amazing yoga teacher’s teacher.

Her energy and enthusiasm are endless, her experience abundant, her anatomy focus is extremely thorough. She guides you all along the way in a positive, confident manner you can only but believe in yourself. She’s a kind and caring person too and whenever the going got a bit tough she was there for a hug, some positive words and gave us the faith to believe in the process. By the end of the month’s course we all wanted it to go on and on. It passed so quickly! I particularly liked the deeper talks about ancient Indian philosophy and the daily 2 hours yoga classes leaving me energized and ready for the rest of the learning day. Thanks to Erica’s perfect knowledge of how to build up a class we all managed to do poses which we never believed we were able to do. Not because that’s so important as such because we were ready for it and she got it into our minds and out of our bodies. I walked away from this course with so much more confidence, on and off the mat, and became a physically, spiritually and emotionally much stronger person.  Before starting the course I was so sure I would never start teaching but this has made me believe I can do it if I want it. As Erica repeatedly said we all have this amazing inner teacher within ourselves. And she’s so right. Some real magic truly happened during this 200 hour training. I would like to start all over again today and enjoy the ride once again. ~Katrien Haesendonck 


I came for healing and to extend my portfolio and I left with deep connectons to extraordinary women/man – a new community. I feel ready to teach beginners. I will endeavor to keep up a regular yoga practice and will now explore yoga practices within my community. Another step forward towards living an authentic life with an awesome outlook! – Corinna


Yoga has always been my personal retreat, my haven, the only thing that was keeping me sane during a mad pace of a corporate lifestyle. However joining a teacher training after practicing for only a couple of years, and that too, a “style” that was different from the vinyasa flow; was not part of my plans for the future. “In another 5-7 years when I get better at yoga, perhaps”, I thought and closed the page.

But it did stick with me; the 200 hours vinyasa flow teacher training page would pop up and follow me every time I would open my Mac, so I looked again. And then I called a friend who (I knew) has completed the same training. “You should go”, she said, “Erica is one of a kind; you will love it”.

And there I was, having all the time I want, to do what I want, and I decided – I want to learn more about yoga and different yoga practices. It was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life and it completely changed me.  I was nervous and a bit skeptical about my abilities to cope – after all I have never tried vinyasa flow before; I decided I will keep an open mind.

My trasformation started almost immediately. From day one, I noticed what a good listener, how patient, obsrevant and in-details Erica was, how quicky her methods made us open up and start communicating, instantly breaking barriers, built by nationality, traditions, religious or cultural differences, etc. In just couple of days, this magnificent, super-talented woman, made us from complete strangers, to friends for life.

Erica spread open a wide horizon in front of me, ignited my curiosity about yoga, ethics, philosophy and made me change my entire perception on things of life: starting with how do we see ourselves, to what are the values we carry through. Things that influence our daily life, our major decisions and naturally our relationships. But most of all, Erica inspired me to change – and it took her only one week, to achieve that. My character changed, and I am not going into details about it, because this write up is not about me, but about one of the most influential and talented teachers that I have had the priviledge to learn from.

An avid yoga practitioner, Erica performs the asanas beautifully; but she does have a rare talent – a talent to discover and connect with the inner soul, to encorage and nourish the efforts and to teach; not by preaching, but by creating the optimal conditions for us to learn. Natually I did improve “my yoga”; my hip openers did not feel so awkward, I did my first (assisted) handstand, my (first again) stand-alone head stand; my first bird-of-paradise, my first bakasana….. there were many “first’s”, and not only for me; the rest were also thriving, and under the guidance of Erica, kept on adding variations to otherwise accessible asanas.

I realize other things too – I wanted to know it all – history, philosophy, traditions; I developed that hunger for more and more information; I found even more attraction to the phisical aspect of yoga, I got even more curious about the menthal benefits of performing the mantras, the sutras, the contemplation and the meditation (it was not at all foreign to me now) and I started craving the ability to enjoy (even for a split of the second) the soulful bliss of the samadhi.

So, I was reading, I was trying every asana I knew and I was enjoying every moment of it. I was not afraid, I was feeling confident and strong; and capable. She gave me the tools to educate and improve myself.

Now, the life continue around; problems arise, issues pop-up unexpected; but I am calm, content and confident. That everything is going the way it has to be; thet the Big G has a plan for me, a special plan and Im looking forward to find out about it. And even if it was not for the increased strength and physical endurance, even if it was not for the improved yoga practice, or the discovery of how flexible and capable my body is, I would always regard Erica for that peace of mind, that confidence and inner strength, that grace and goodness, that she helped me find within, and I would consider this my highest achievment during that 200 hours vinyasa flow yoga teacher training with Erica Blitz. ~ Ani Vladi


Recently lost my sister ,who was my best friend. The one month program was the first thing in 2 years of losing her, that made me feel good about myself. It was the first positive experience I had since my life had been turned upside down. I was working at a job…but spinning my wheels. This program helped me find a paved road. I found a piece of the “puzzle”…."finding me.” She’s an inspiration!  ~Victoria  Winnipeg, Canada


Leading up to the Training Program I was working at my serving job. I was practicing yoga a few times a week, spending lots of time with my boyfriend and had just gotten back from a week away in the Dominican Republic with my sister and her boyfriend. I was waiting to hear back from the University of Manitoba as I had applied to get into the Social Work program (this was my second time applying) so I was not too highly dependent on acceptance and I wanted to take the Training Program because I knew how much I loved practicing yoga and wanted to share that love with others and try to make a career out of something I love.

After spending two weeks working with and learning from Erica, I felt truly grateful for the information and knowledge I was able to learn. I was humbled by the energy she was able to bring out in everyone in the class, and I learnt to always ask for what you want because you never know what you may get in the end. I am still to this day amazed at how much my physical yoga practice has changed since my training with Erica. With her encouragement I was able to learn new Asanas I had never attempted before and now love. I learnt to trust myself in the poses and also learned that being adjusted in class is not a “bad thing” but rather a way to build your practice more and more. Erica that she means business. She goes in and gets the job done, and she does so in an effective and kind manner. She does not give up on her students and she is always open and honest. I loved every moment of my Training with Erica! From the moment I met her I felt very comfortable around her and trusted her opinions completely. She made me feel amazing every day no matter what the task at hand was and she was always there when you needed her. Even to this day I can contact her when I need to and she is never long to return a warm message. ~Amanda Burkowsky