Yoga Alliance 500 hour RYT

For those of you who have been inquiring about how to register for your 500 Hour with the Yoga Alliance, here’s the scoop:

To register as an RYT 500, you must complete a total of 500 hours of training from Registered Yoga Schools, in either one or two parts. You can take a complete 500-hour training with a RYS 500, OR take a 200-hour training with a RYS 200 and then an additional 300-hour training with a RYS 200 & 500 (a school that offers 500 hours of training in two segments, that meets our standards). The additional 300 hours may be done at a different RYS than the 200-hour training that you completed – they do not need to be from the same school. (Another misconception!)

To upgrade to RYT 500, you must submit your graduation certificate from your 500-hour training, along with 100 hours of teaching experience. You’ll be asked to note the dates and times you taught on your application. These teaching hours must take place after your first registered 200- or 500-hour training. Hours taught before you took a registered training don’t count as teaching experience.

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